• Solutions

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    Intergenerational Storytelling

    This solution seeks to create a virtual intergenerational storytelling project where women and femmes of color can share their diverse stories of working in the gender-based violence field. This is an opportunity to preserve the history of the elders who have contributed to liberation and resistance efforts over the years. We also hope that by sharing these stories publicly will reduce isolation and increase sense of belonging for people of color in the field.

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    Building Accountability

    This solution aims to dismantle racism and white supremacy by developing ongoing accountability processes and practices within organizations that focus on anti-violence against women and femmes. In this solution, there will be concerted efforts to help organizations define and adopt policies that interrupt and dismantle racism. This includes operationalizing and institutionalizing thriving inclusive family wage and comprehensive benefits as well as expanding definitions of wellness to include individual and collective trauma. The focus of this solution is to implement diverse hiring practices that promote, retain, and sustain leadership of people of color. We will also develop holistic and inclusive succession planning practices that interrupt and dismantle white supremacy and racism.

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    Flexible Funding for Advocates

    In this solution we plan to enrich femmes and women of color who are survivors and leaders with flexible funding. The goal is that this funding will provide opportunities for survivors to lead community initiatives. We also aim to develop collaborations with foundations to support with diversifying decision makers for funding, simplify current funding criteria, and prioritize leadership for women and femmes of color. We hope to enhance and expand technical assistance to help organizations run by women of color access, secure, and sustain funding. We also aim to foster collaborations among women and femmes of color in the field to support with developing applications for funding.